Spirit of Somerset!

Raiders Remember is excited to be part of the Spirit of Somerset Family Fun Day!


The Spirit of Somerset events take place tonight, Friday September 19th (evening, 5:30pm-8pm), and tomorrow, Saturday September 20th (all day into the evening, 8am-10:15pm).

(The rain date for the activities on Saturday and fireworks is Sunday, Sept. 21.)


There is so much to see and do at the event, we are honored to have a booth on both nights.

On Friday night from 6pm-8pm (tonight), in addition to selling merchandise to raise money for the scholarship fund, there will be a really great memorabilia Raiders Remember exhibit at the Somerset Historical Society. The exhibit features all kinds of artifacts from the history of Somerset High School & Somerset Berkley Regional High School. R.R. Members will be selling memorabilia from the old high school such as prints, note pads, note cards, t-shirts, old & new bricks.

All day Saturday from 11:30am-10:15pm (tomorrow), we will again be selling items to raise money for the scholarship fund that include memorabilia from the old high school such as prints, note pads, note cards, t-shirts, old & new bricks. Also Saturday, from 12pm – 4pm, the Raiders Remember memorabilia exhibit will be open at Somerset Historical Society’s James E. Bradbury Museum.

We hope you’ll swing by our booth! Here are a few fliers for the entire event, including performance schedule and event details:

Spectator Article with complete event schedule (click here).

Spirit of Somerset Facebook Page (click here).

Fliers with info (click the images to enlarge):




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