1. Where is the event being held?


The old SHS/SBRHS, throughout the entire building. The main/only entrance will be at the doors to the former Art Gallery. Most of the major rooms will be full of decorations, video reels, music, entertainment, memorabilia, and people! Please see the “Raiders Remember Map” link under the “Event Info” tab on the website.


  1. Does the ticket price include enough food for a full meal?


Yes. There will be full food stations, a carving station, appetizers, dessert, and more. You will be filled up on plenty of food! Cash bar will be available.


  1. Why is this ticket so expensive?


This is an amazing deal! It costs a lot of money to put on a big event (even with discounted pricing!) We will be entertaining more than 1000 people. This event is massive and is once-in-a-lifetime! We have several musical groups performing throughout the evening, food, decorations, lighting, entertainment, and much more.  We want to be sure you are happy and having fun!


  1. Is there transportation?


Yes. We are encouraging people to park at the shuttle locations, as the school lots will be reserved for event staff and handicapped spots. There will be free transportation to and from the event to select parking locations. Please see your ticket for the shuttle stops! (also refer to the Ticket Confirmation Page, if you get stuck :))


  1. Where does the money from ticket sales and donations go?


We have started a perpetual Raiders Remember scholarship fund. All proceeds will go to the event costs as well as the scholarship fund.


  1. What about the daytime event?


The daytime event will be a lot of fun as well. Much more mellow, and will be all-ages. The school will be open so that guests can walk through the entire school to see it one last time! Details and times are posted on the website (and more to follow). No tickets are needed for the day time event.


  1. Who do I contact if I have more questions?


Feel free to reach out to us at any time. All contact info is under the “Contact Us” tab.