Scholarship Awards & Brick Announcement

bricks and flag

Scholarship Awards Event: Raiders Remember has reviewed many scholarship applicants and had the pleasure of interviewing the final interview candidates. The students were all inspiring and we were honored to have the opportunity to meet them! For those interested in learning more about the application process, feel free to visit our website:
We will be announcing the scholarship award recipients at the National Honor Society Award Ceremony event next week.

What: Raiders Remember Scholarship Awards @ National Honor Society Award Ceremony
When: 6pm, Tuesday, June 7, 2016
Where: SBRHS Performing Arts Center

Brick Announcement: The moment you’ve all been so patiently awaiting is here! All bricks will be completely installed by next week, Tuesday June 7th! They are on the last install this week, and only have two bricks left to install. Feel free to visit the SBRHS flagpole to view your brick anytime! Your purchase has significantly helped to keep our scholarship fund alive. We thank you for your support!
Brick certificates will be distributed to those that have purchased a brick. If you would like to pick up your certificate, they will be available with Claire Barrar in the SBRHS Guidance Department. Certificates will also be mailed, if you’d prefer. Please let us know if you’ve already picked your certificate up, or plan to pick it up in person.

Future Brick Sales: Brick sales are still open! Proceeds go to the Raiders Remember scholarship fund. Bricks are typically installed in batches in order to minimize costs and time. Thank you for your support and patience! The website is the same as it was on the Raiders Remember website:

Thank you for all of your support, as always!

Raiders Remember