Don’t Forget…

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Please Don’t Forget…

All property inside of the old building belongs to the school district.

Over the next few weeks, the school staff will still be moving, so we ask that you please respect their belongings! 

All items sold at Raiders Remember have gone through a rigorous approval process and were hand selected. 

Nothing in the school should be touched! 

Thank you for your cooperation.

Social Media & Capturing Memories

Post to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts with the hashtag #RaidersRemember

All photos will have a chance of making our Memory Book!

If you’re not on social media, you can email to be included.

Have a favorite memory or story from your time in high school? Submit to

Parking & Shuttles

(Day & Night)


NO PARKING ANYTIME at the high school or St. Thomas Moore.


School lots are strictly reserved for vendors & staff, and will be monitored.

Designated handicapped parking is located at the front lot of the high school on County St.

Daytime Shuttle Stops:

Starting 10:45am until 2pm

1. North Elementary School

2. Middle School

Park & Walk: Somerset Credit Union

Nighttime Shuttle Stops:

Starting 6:45pm until 11pm

1. Indian Springs Plaza

2. Somerset Middle School

3. Slade’s Ferry Park & Ride

4. North Elementary School

5. St. Louis de France

Park & Walk: Somerset Credit Union

We are excited to see you all! Let’s make this a night to remember…

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