Why Should You Buy a Ticket?

Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy a Ticket:

1. To experience the (functional) Planetarium one last time.

2. This event only happens once every 100 years.

3. To support the Raiders Remember Scholarship Fund.

4. To see hundreds of your former classmates and friends from ALL decades.

5. To see former teachers.

6. The food.

7. The silent auction* & massive memorabilia room: SHS original wood letters, school signs, desks, lockers, hoops, many, many, many pieces of the building for sale, hours before it’s demolished.
*(massive list, pending)

8. The music & entertainment throughout the building, all night: Joe Mulholland Trio(Top of the Hub!), Deja Blue (our alumni!),  DJ Jonathan Berube (alum!), David Marshall and Samuel Bianco (SBRHS!)

9. The opportunity to buy a brick from the old building.

10. You’ll get to ride a school bus, like old times.

We promise, you’ll miss out if you don’t attend!

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